1999 Bell 206B III Jetranger

1999 Bell 206B III Jetranger

The Bell 206B III Jetranger is a single-turbine-engine light utility helicopter produced by US-American manufacturer Bell Helicopter Company, today Bell Helicopter Textron. 


The helicopter seats 4 passengers plus 1 pilot and is powered by a Rolls Royce Allison 250-C20 turbine engine that produces 313 kW / 420 shp. It cruises at 115 kts (213 km/hr) and can fly up to 370 nm / 693 km.


The helicopter's fuel capacity is 96.7 US Gallons (366 Litres) and has an average fuel consumpition of 30 US Gallons (114 Litres) per hour.


This Bell 206B III Jetranger is registered and located in South Africa.

  • Airframe

    Year: 1999
    TTSN: 1,436 hours
    CSN: 2,190 cycles


  • Engine - Rolls Royce Allison 250-C20J

    TTSN: 1,436 hours
    CSN: 2,190 cycles
    TBO: Modular

  • Installed Avionics & Equipment

    HAS Corp 5 place ICOM system w/PMA 7000S audio control panel
    2 no. Garmin GNS430 NAV/COM/GPS w/GA 56 antennas
    Bendix King KI-206 Glide Slope Indicator
    Bendix King KT-76C Transponder w/KA-60 antenna
    Bendix King KCS-55A compass system w/KI-525A H.S.I and applicable equipment
    AIM 206-1 BL D.G.I
    AIM-King Corp AK-350 Alt. Encoder
    Troll Avionics FN200-28 Avionics cooling fan
    Bleed Air Heater

  • Additional STC's incorporated

    High skid landing gear
    Crew door opening kit
    Pax door opening kit
    Baggage door opening kit
    Pre-flight step handle kit, 2 step kit
    Folding maintenance step kit including baggage door retention strap
    Night scanner belly mounted searchlight "super night scanner"
    Lower consol assembly
    Front & Rear cabin door protector kit
    Baggage compartment extension 'space saver' kit
    Compressor discharge pressure PC safety valve kit
    Face filter engine lubrication system scavenge filter kit
    Whelen Engineering wingtip strobe (position) light system and top mounted strobe system
    Teledyne battery products Gill G-641 Lead Acid Battery kit

  • Components Fitted

    Wedge type windows on aft door
    Bubble type front windows
    Composite battery bay door
    Composite baggage bay door
    Rain Gutters
    Particle separator type engine inlet filters
    Compressor wash kit w/ bleed shutoffs
    Droop stops on main rotor head
    Generator out light option on warning panel
    Dual anti-collision lights
    Dual controls included - easy fit and remove

  • Colour Scheme

    Exterior: Overall black with gold striping

    Interior: grey leather seats

  • Price

    USD 895,000.00 plus 15% VAT or No VAT due to export.

  • Terms

    Specifications and/or descriptions are provided as introductory information only and do not constitute representations or warranties. Verification of specifications remains the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Photographs and images may have been modified to remove logos, registration marks, or other identifying information to protect the privacy of the Aircrafts current owner. The Aircraft is subject to prior sale, lease, and/or removal from the market without prior notice.

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